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What is the Significance of CSS in web development

Looking for a long-term career in IT Sector? Go for web development and designing, you only need to learn basic scripting languages and some server side languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, SQL or PYTHON in order to qualify interview of the respective web development profile. In a technical round, the recruiter will ask basic html, javascript, and CSS interview questions to hire talented developer and designers for their online or offline web designing project. Nowadays, the rise of digitalization has given a boost to the demand of web designer and developer expertise and created amazing carreer opportunities for aspirants.

Students are really confused about the front end and backend languages. Since HTML is considered as the basic language for web designing then what is the role of CSS in web development?

It is known as Cascading Style Sheets play a major role in advanced web development because it is an effective tool used for layout and presentation of pages of the website via separating design from contains outstanding features for designing interactive websites. CSS acts as the foundation of flexibility and interactivity of a website. It permits the developer to make section-wise modification and create a different appearance for each page.CSS helps in fast loading of web pages.

Now the other question is What is the role of javascript in Web development? Students have many questions in their mind related to scripting languages and are always in search of proper reference where they can easily get the answers to their questions accurately and in an efficent manner. Codingtag is the best e-learing website where you can get web development courses and solution of your technical questions.

After completing courses in basic scripting languages, students can easily work as a freelancer in a company and earn money. There are more than thousands of companies are in search of both front end and backend freelancer developers for their projects.

Students must have in-depth knowledge on HTML5, CSS latest version, javascript, photoshop, Dreamweaver and Bootstrap if they want their career in web development. They are recommended to go through all technical courses and interview questions including PHP, JS, AJAX, and CSS interview questions before attending any interview of UI developer, Designer, Web, and Mobile Application Developer.

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